inspirer innovates with your team,
not to replace them, but to enhance them.

We found what works, bringing in a outside team of exceptional & proven innovators that can approach your business from unique points of view and uncover ideas and innovations that disrupt your industry!

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inspirer's t3 program


We meet with your team to learn more about your areas of focus and products under development. We then assemble an impressive team of talented innovators willing to create ideas on your behalf.


During t3 sessions we rapidly identify ideas, analyze them, and uncovers hidden opportunities.
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inspirer documents the ideas & innovations created during a t3 session (concept, talent who created, etc...), edits session video with time-markers linked to ideas/innovations, and creates a overview presentation.


We revisit your team and provides them with internal actionable's to put the innovations to work, ip actionable's for in-house council to protect, and external actionable's that help the company grow from the outside in.

PREFORM - t3 session

inspirer hosts the t3 session with participants that include the clients team, inspirer talent team members, and inspirer. Sessions run for 4 hours, broken into four 1 hour segments.

  • illuminate session

    - talent team is educated about the clients history, areas of focus, and objectives. Clients cur- rent competitors and strategies are discussed. Clients current products are demonstrated.

  • ideate session

    - Questions & exercises by inspirer to help (inspire) talent teams ideas. Goal of session is quantity of ideas across all areas of clients focus based on each team members area of expertise.

  • innovate session

    - Talent team delves deeper into each others ideas, building upon one another's thoughts. Direction is applied by inspirer to clients area of focus. Ideas get combined together into innovations.

  • initiate session

    - The talent team takes the best innovations and creates go-to-market strategies, technology requirements, potential patents, partnership opportunities, competitive landscapes, etc...

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About Us

We help businesses build better products, processes, and technologies through innovation consulting.

  • The inspirer team has built over 15 successful companies while also helping 100’s of other entrepreneurs do the same.
  • The inspirer team has consulted for the top corporations in the world and helped them to launch numerous innovative products & services.
  • The inspirer team uses real world experience, creating massive value through a fast paced innovation process.
  • The inspirer team believes YOU are the star in your company, not us.
  • The inspirer team will do everything it can to make you and your company successful.


Our Services

inspirer’s t3 program brings the most talented innovators, in their specialties (social media, UI/UX, product, mobile, hardware, etc...), into a room together to do what they do best - innovate. inspirer innovates for you, not to replace your current team, but to enhance them. We have found that it makes sense to bring in a outside team of exceptional & proven innovators that can approach your business from unique points of view and uncover ideas and innovations that disrupt your industry!
Sometimes it is easier to hire an outside, all-star team for a specific project. The inspirer team members are all master innovators with years of experience in numerous industries and disciplines. Tell us your objective and we can do the rest. Or, bring inspirer in as an active participant in the setup, growth, and transformation of your business. We research and analyze your innovation, sales, marketing, manufacturing, and operation processes, determine the best options for your specific needs, and develop solutions that increase your sales, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

UI (user interface) & UX (user experience) are intertwined together. Think of UI as what a car looks like and UX is the way it drives and performs. Great cars are designed to be beautiful (UI) and are also high performance machines that are easy to operate (UX).

At inspirer our team has built 100's of technology products are are experts at beautiful UI and easy to operate UX.


  • Mike [inspirers founder] is a visionary who applies his many talents in ways that inspires other leaders.Adeo Ressi, Founder Founder Institute
  • Mike [inspirers founder] has not only inspired me to be more innovative professionally, but he has inspired me to complete a 15 year + vision of running the Leadville Trail 100 Jim Franklin, CEO SendGrid
  • Mike [inspirers founder] has an uncanny ability to see right into the heart of any business and identify winning opportunities. He did that for BookBrewer in our first year and the results were amazing. I can't recommend him highly enough.Dan Pacheco, Founder of
  • Mike's [inspirers founder] guidance was instrumental in the long term growth of our company. He helped us identify new markets and advised us on how we should approach customers in the space. Not only did he help make introductions, but he sat in on meetings when necessary and helped push for a fair deal. Without his mentorship, we definitely would not be around today.Ajay Kamat, CoFounder/CEO MicroMobs
  • Mike [inspirers founder] is a true mentor. He believed in our vision, motivated us to look beyond the obvious and provided valuable insight. Our company is stronger because of his advice.Mike Suprovici, CoFounder/CEO Explorence
  • I was lucky to meet Mike Stemple [inspirers founder] during my Founder Institute class in summer 2011 and have him as a mentor for my company. His knowledge and understanding of how to turn a really interesting idea and underdeveloped technology into a sustainable and profitable company is amazing. What is also interesting is that he develops most of his ideas while running 100+ miles in extreme conditions. Cisco Quintero, Founder Institute Alumni
  • We met Mike [inspirers founder] during our Founder Institute sessions in Denver. My co-founder and I where very impressed with his experience, success, and suggestions for our startup idea. Actually he helped our entire cohort, 15 different startups , with various area including strategic marketing, innovative thinking, and presentation skills. He has even introduced us to numerous contacts within his very well developed personal network. Mike has so much positive energy to offer, we really appreciate everything he has shared and done for us Todd Levy, Founder Institute Alumni
  • I met Mike Stemple [inspirers founder] during my Founder Institute class in summer 2010. He was a mentor in the program and quickly became a mentor and adviser for ZebraMinds. Mike work tirelessly to help us refine our vision and products. His experience in creating companies is tremendous. Mike style is to coach companies to do extraordinary things, similar to the ones he created. He's incredibly dedicated and hard-working. Mike is always willing to “go the extra mile” and I find his work inspirational.Oza Klanjsek, Founder ZebraMinds

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