What could you create if you had the top entrepreneurial minds, that you could never hire as employee’s,  innovating on your behalf?
We can help your company solve wicked problems by bringing together serially successful entrepreneurs, across all disciplines, to ideate on behalf of your company. We innovate for you, not to replace your current team, but to enhance them and prevent you from becoming the next Sports Authority, Kodak, Blockbuster, Blackberry, Motorola, or Nokia.


The Inspirer leadership team visits with your company to understand where the pain/problem(s) exists and to conduct an initial discovery session in which we gather information, ask a ton of questions, and meet with people within your team that we will be working with.



Inspirer organizes all of the gathered information and external relevant research into kits that will be delivered to the entrepreneurs that are selected to work on your engagement.



Inspirer recruits the entrepreneurs, finalizes the schedule, and kits are sent out.



We gather at your location or an offsite location for the think tank session that takes place over a 2-5 hour period, depending on the engagement. The sessions are recorded and transcribed for your company and a final report is created.



After the final report has been reviewed by all involved team members, a meeting is scheduled to discuss next steps and answer any remaining questions. In most cases, Inspirer works to develop an Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) program with the entrepreneur(s) that your company resonated with. We can also schedule follow-on think tank sessions to expand the engagement if requested.

You own all of the intellectual property that is generated during the sessions.

For ongoing support and consulting, we work with your team to identify entrepreneur(s) that you can retain on a monthly basis for your Entrepreneur In Residence program. If you do not have an EIR Program we can help you develop one.


Why would entrepreneurs want to help my company?
Inspirer has a network of thousands of serially successful entrepreneurs we can tap into at anytime. The key is finding the right entrepreneurs at the right time.

All of the entrepreneurs we work with are sitting on the bench, enjoying retirement, or thinking up the next great company they want to build . The reason there is so much interest from this community of successful entrepreneurs in the Inspirer Outsourced Think tank is because they will never join your company as a full-time employee – but, they will let you borrow their brains for short periods of time.

Additionally, successful entrepreneurs rarely get to compete with their peers (the other successful entrepreneurs who built companies in industries where they don’t overlap). Inspirer creates unique opportunities for these entrepreneurs to go up against their peers intellectually. This creates a healthy, competitive atmosphere of thought, for your benefit. At the end of the engagement we have your company vote on the most innovative entrepreneur. A prize is presented to the entrepreneur that generated the most value for your team and company.