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Advance your career, grow your organization, drive innovation

What more could you do if you had a proven, expert innovator, providing you privately with a constant stream of ideas, opportunities, trends, and strategic advice?

By retaining an Inspirer Strategic Advisor, you’re able to talk 1-on-1 with a serially successful entrepreneur every month. This enables you to ask any questions, seek any advice, and direct them, based on your current needs, to innovate and solve problems on your behalf. An Inspirer Strategic Advisor can provide you with innovative ideas, solutions to problems, trend reports, and researched opportunities, available for you to use or share with your team, with the focus on you getting all the recognition, advancement, and career growth.

– Hire an Innovation Focused Strategic Advisor –

Inspirer Strategic Advisors are all veteran business executives who have built companies from scratch and had at least one successful exit (most have numerous exits in a variety of industries). They didn’t go to school to learn outdated methodologies while buying a degree in coaching, they acquired tangible skills and learned by actually solving real-world problems while building their business.

If you are looking for someone who can inspire you towards success, helping with the challenges you are facing, Inspirer is a good fit for you. We don’t use assessments, coaching methodologies, or courses to guide you through a defined process like most classroom learned coaches. We provide true confidential strategic advise, based on real-world success, to help you reach your goals.

Our packages can vary based on your unique needs but the typical arrangement looks like this:



On the phone or by Skype, we meet at a convenient time every month to cover the areas you need help with.


If you a need a quick idea or an opinion on something – we are here for you.
(within reason)


Throughout the month we send specific blog posts, articles, and ideas that we believe can help you.


Your advisor will send you a monthly trend report covering innovative, relevant, and competitive topics and anlysis.
(additional services provided as needed or pre-arranged)

Mike is a mentor’s mentor. Having worked with him for over 5 years on Founders Institute companies, I’ve seen first hand the value he brings to others. His process for thinking through market opportunity is very powerful. Mike is an innovation & idea machine. Mike has a method for thinking about opportunity that never fails to find new approaches to business. He is not only a proven serial Entrepreneur but he has a methodology to make innovation a repeatable process. When I’m looking to do my next thing, Mike is on my short list of people to call. Mike can speak and is also a world class communicator. His keynote speech about his personal story is one of the best I have ever heard. Based on an analogy between being a “serial killer” and a “serial entrepreneur”, Mike was informative, entertaining, but mostly inspirational. Everyone in the room left feeling that they could go out and do amazing things. Mike has not only inspired me to be more innovative professionally, but he has inspired me to complete a 15 year + vision of running the Leadville Trail 100.

Jim Franklin

Professor, Investor, Board Member

In Inspirers Founder’s Words

My philosophy has always been: I would rather learn how to throw a football from John Elway verses a certified physical education coach and I for sure would rather learn to shoot a gun from a Navy Seal than a certified NRA instructor. Some things in life can only be learned from doing, no amount of classroom training can prepare you for the difficulties you encounter in life. Working with a real-world experienced coach or advisor always provides more value than a classroom trained want-to-be.

Mike Stemple

Founder, Innovation Strategic Advisor, Inspirer












Step 1: 20 Minute Consultation

We start the process by going over a series of questions to understand what you are looking for and why you feel Inspirer is a good fit. You’ll be able to ask any questions you have and we will also explain our philosophy and typical advisory structure, costs, and terms. Afterwards, the formal cost structure will be sent to you along with the Inspirer Advisory Agreement.


Step 2: Introductory Session

We’ll schedule the first session with your advisor to identify goals and the structure of the relationship and setup a recurring monthly call. An initial analysis will be conducted during the call and you can get any additional questions answered. 


Step 3: Session One

In the first meeting we discuss your current focus, challenges, immediate goals, and opportunities. Additionally, we send your first personalized trend report and reading list within 2 weeks.


Pricing starts at $1500/mo

12 month price lock in.

Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

Preferred rate for additional consulting time.


Ideation & Innovation

Inspiration & Leadership

Technology Design

Strategy & Planning

Sales/Marketing Growth

Strategic Partnerships

Branding & Positioning

Acquisition Strategy

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