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The team at Inspirer is composed of serially successful entrepreneurs who have created amazing products and companies, from scratch, and grown them to be successful in diverse markets around the globe. And not just any serially successful entrepreneur can be an “Inspirer”… we look for the magic combination of inspiration AND ideation abilities, the raw ingredients of the secret sauce of innovation.



Meet Inspirer’s Founders
We love to multiply ideation with inspiration to create innovation. So much so Inspirer’s two founders have created 26 of their own companies. In building so many ideas from scratch, they found that there is a magic combination of abilities and techniques that can fill whiteboards with amazing ideas. In observing their entrepreneurial friends they saw similar traits in them that led to their successes. Over the past 7 years, Inspirer has tested and now standardized the process of multiplying ideation with inspiration to create successful innovation and we are proud to offer our services to you.
Mike Stemple

Mike Stemple

Founder & CEO

Mike is an expert at ideation, innovation, leveraging startup methodologies, and product creation. Having spent the past 25+ years creating companies, products, and amazing ideas he knows what TRUE innovation looks like and how to implement it at all stages of the product lifecycle. Through his involvement as a mentor at Techstars and Founder Institute, Mike has helped 100’s of individuals learn how to ideate and use the tools of ideation to invent and be innovative, radically changing their businesses and opening opportunities that accelerate growth and valuation.

“The mantra that ideas are ‘worthless and it is all about execution’ is false. There are 35x as many construction workers as there are architects. Without the ‘blueprint’ nothing would get built. And we are builders, we see the world as broken, and we have so much more architecting and building to do.” – Mike

Nina Noelle Stemple

Nina Noelle Stemple

Founder & CMO

Nina is an expert at marketing, innovation, optimization, and leveraging startup methodologies. She is an active participant in the Denver non-profit and startup communities and has spent the past 9 years developing her skills and passions as an entrepreneur and business leader. Nina oversees and works on the implementation of Inspirer programs, client ideation sessions, Inspirer recruiting, events, testing, and optimization. She is an expert brand marketeer and loves finding new and innovative ways to bring  individuals and companies together with Inspirers.

“People inspire the world. People power brands through their stories, experiences, and knowledge. Products and services cannot touch the heart of a potential customer the way a person can. That’s why our approach is unique. People are the reason why we do what we do.” – Nina

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